Monday, August 22, 2011

Old and wise.

I get it. We all loooove owls. We are just hootin' and hollerin' for these freaking things.

Give me an O! Give me a W!....okay, okay, you get the idea.

This love affair has been hot and heavy for years, and it's showing no signs of fizzling.
And, that makes this owl cheerleader very giddy.

This deep love means that I can keep making goodies for Nohi Kids that are covered with these little buggers because you all keep buying them! (And, thank you very much for that)

You can see our popular owl bodysuits here
and our matching owl blankets, here.

More people that I love have made babies (which I very much appreciate); and one almost-momma said that she is going to do the nursery in owls.

Well, of course you are. You and about 84,000 other owl-obsessed freaks...
But, great. I am thrilled. Fabulous choice. Adorable. YES YES YES to OWLS.

There are endless options out there for hoot-filled cuteness.

This is cute Skip Hop and was found at Modern Nursery
image: Modern Nursery

This little treasure is from Alphabet Monkey.
image: Alphabet Monkey

Give me a break, KikiKiddos. Seriously.
image: Kikikiddos

Baby rooms are not complete without a mobile
Find this one at Drops of Color
image: Drops of Color

This one can be customized for you by LilSprout
image: Lil Sprout

For their cold lil' noggins. (And, a steal for a hand-knitted hat!)
From My Knitting World
image: My Knitting World

Cute and also customizable from Urban Tickle.
image: Urban Tickle

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  1. For some reason I don't remember reading's cleverly written of course. Did I mention to you that I would like to do the baby's room in owls? It may be a huge trend now but I don't care. I started to second guess myself, then I saw the pictures above with the wakey wakey and night night and they completely sold me all over again.