Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nohi Kids - Softest organic baby clothes. Ever.

No, really. They are. 

I am talking the softest, most scrumptious and cozy organic baby clothes ever.  

Do you know that we created our fabric combination ourselves? 
Start with a little organic cotton, throw in the softest bamboo, and then a touch of spandex to keep your baby's wardrobe fresh 
(it's true--that spandex is why it holds up so well in the laundry!) 

Add a baby to the softest organic baby clothes on the planet and this is what you get.

Hello, cuteness.

Go ahead. Go get yours right here
Always free shipping in the USA and just because we like you, 25% off with the code thankyou25 at checkout


  1. Now that I got to read quite a few articles about organic clothing, it makes me want to purchase a few items. I hope that my kid won't find it different once she uses organic baby wear.

    1. That is really great that I got the idea about organic baby clothes, which I have never seen before. I love to make different designs of baby clothes at home.

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  2. This is really been an amazing dress related to baby organic clothing the color of it looks so touchy.

  3. color is great, looks cool to wear..I would like to purchase Organic Baby Products for my baby, hope you got good ones.

  4. I saw this and wanted for her. It sums up how we all feel about her arrival into our family!

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