Friday, July 22, 2011

Under the Sea

I am weirdly obsessed with bathrooms.

Apparently when visiting other homes as a kid, the first place I had to check out was not the room that housed the Pound Puppies or Barbie's Dream House, but the potty?

What an odd child.

I do vividly remember being impressed with my grandmother's bathroom decor--not a seashell soap out of place, embroidered hand towels so perfectly hung that I'm certain that they had been freshly ironed...and, that vanity!
Oh my

I was mesmerized by the collection of lipsticks, perfumes, her signature pearl colored nail polish, the magnifying mirror... and, of course, all meticulously arranged and ready for the Vanity Hall of Fame.

Barbie, your house ain't got nothin' on my Mommom's.

Now, all grown up with my own home and bathroom, naturally this is where I want the decorating to begin. But, good LORD does prettifying a new home take much longer than you had anticipated!

In our defense, we've been slightly busy running some businesses, and planning a wedding! (not to worry, much more on that not get me started on BHLDN.)

For now, the glorious bathroom....

We started with this piece of art disguised as a shower curtain, by Thomas Paul.

Then, that reminded me of how much I love this book and this book.

So, without getting too "theme-y" (at the request of the other person that shares my bathroom), I started my hunt. And, found this, this, this, these, these and this might come in handy since we just ripped our current hook out of the door.

These are supposed to be little trinket dishes, but how cool would it be to create some kind of sea urchin wall art instead?

Artfully arranged on the back of the potty, of course.
No, we don't have any kids yet, why do you ask?
I promise I won't iron them.

Okay, fine. Maybe it's slightly theme-y.

We have one more little bathroom off of our laundry room appropriately named "The Poo Closet" because it's sole purpose is to hide the litter box.
But, watch out Gigi...your days as the only girl in the house with her own bathroom are numbered.


  1. This is fabulous. I LOVE the octopus. You are so amazingly creative. Nice work, once again.

  2. thanks for reading it and saying nice things! (even though I just had to fix a mistake that was making my eyes bleed...) I love the octopus too.