Thursday, March 24, 2011

My dog is a total diva.

She acts like the very unobtrusive raindrops that gently touch her back are more like lightening bolts or razor blades falling from the sky.

But, aww....what a poor, wet, little baby. I understand. So, I bought her a vest. She needed it.

And, at least I didn't get her this one.

In her defense though, it has been pretty wet around here. So much so, that today we have a "local severe weather alert and urban stream flood advisory" for Oakland. And, this from the National Weather Service. So, don't laugh. It's super scary. (insert sarcasm from this East Coast girl.)

And, sadly my rain gear is not quite as stylish as my dog's.

Currently I am sporting an 8 year old ripped, big, orange jacket as my daily rain protection. I resemble either a pumpkin or a crossing guard and it's certainly time for an upgrade.

We can start here. Simple and hooded from Echo.

But, I really like this one. $196 (and on sale from $385!) for a rain coat? Of course that's the one I want. I have no idea where my dog's diva behavior comes from....

For kids, how about buying a pattern from Fabric Closet and some laminated fabric from Mimi's Fabrics and making your own?

Or, there are some seriously cute options from Viking Kids and Blue Peach

Your rain get-up is not complete without some rainboots. Check out these stylin' wellies from Funky Wellington Boots in the UK.

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