Monday, March 21, 2011

Mystery Baby Bumps.

If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with all things baby.

Baby clothes (organic baby clothes from Nohi Kids, of course) and baby shoes ( I am the #1 fan of Livie and Luca--you don't get cuter than these shoes).

Plus, baby fingers and baby yawns. Chunky baby wrists and dimpled baby buns. That little swirl of silky baby hair at the nape of the neck.....okay, you get the idea.

So, imagine my delight when, in the span of about 3 weeks, I find out that not one, but two, of my buddies are cooking up some babies for me! And, a bonus-- I get to be an aunt to one, so I am hardly containing my annoying, overzealous excitement.

Now, both of these goofballs are waiting to find out their baby's gender. They want to be surprised. Okay, fine. Whatever. But, can I at least find out? I would sleep better at night.

They are both in the midst of getting their gender neutral nurseries ready for the big surprise. So, naturally I am on the hunt for some ideas to inspire them.

Check out these blankets from Orangeberry Baby. Not really full-on nursery bedding, but some adorable prints to get the creative-but-gotta-stay-neutral juices flowing.

Or, how about some removable wall stickers from Kinky Wall. (they're not that kind of kinky, you dirty birds)

I bet it would be fun to have an Aunt Bucky. Afterall, she does make super cool tape deck bedding.

Other contenders are Olli and Lime, Dwell, and last but certainly not least our friend, Kukunest.

Ollie and Lime calls this "Charlie". I call it cute.

Fish and pebbles are for girls too.

Ok, it's not crib bedding. But what kid doesn't love a carnival?

And, one last thing. I saw this idea recently in my beloved Design Sponge.
Love it. I am saving this for my kid's room (that I would start creating now if I could. What can I say, I'm a planner?)

originally from: Refresh Design Studio

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