Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabric makes my heart flutter.

Sure, I love boots, bags, and really amazing coats just like the next girl.

But it's fabric that I really covet.

Once, I went to LA for a fabric research trip. I spent hours running in circles with a rapid heart beat that was caused by the excitement of wall to wall, floor to ceiling fabric.

Settle down. Take a freaking breath.

Unlike my old company Abe Jones, Nohi Kids is less woven and more knit (organic cotton and bamboo knit, that is). I love what I am doing now, but I long for woven. I don't know that I can hold out any longer.

Check out Funky Fabrix, Saffron Craig, and of course, the always impressive and gorgeous Liberty of London.

Here are some that have me drooling (and rapid heart beating...) at the moment.

and, I do think that this one below is in the running for our dining room chairs. I hope. Fingers crossed.