Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blank ain't so bad.

I love what I do.

For as long as I can remember I knew that my life and career would somehow revolve around kids. Those little munchkins are certainly who bring the biggest smile to my face.

I dabbled in many different kid based career options before I finally discovered that owning my business and designing clothes for kids was the only thing that was going to fulfill me completely. There are many amazing parts to doing this job, and my photo shoots are certainly Top 5.

Not only do I get to meet sweet new kiddos every season, but their fun families as well. We play silly games, make lots of inappropriate noises, and mostly just goof off all day. Perfect.

I have been so lucky to work with my friend and amazingly talented photographer, Heidi Alletzhauser, for 5 seasons now. Each shoot is better than the next. For Fall/Winter, we had the shoot at my house and her backyard barn/studio in SF.

You know all of those blank walls in my house that I can't wait to adorn? They were the perfect backdrop for our yarn-filled, 80s-esque, winter wonderland.

Here are some of my favorites.
Mr. T. Edible 2 year old cuteness. Each time I would ask him a question, he would say, "Ummm, yeah" in the cutest voice.

Beauty and personality. Love this little one. She wants to be an actress and told me all about her part in the play. Love her.
I tend to have a way with kids, if I do say so myself. But, my little buddy was totally playing hard to get. This is the face that I got most of the time. And, it was cracking me up. His parents had warned me that he just learned how to furrow. He practiced a lot. Adorable.

Brother and sister. So cute together. This one may not make it into the catalog, but I love the laugh so much.

Furrowed brow baby's big sister. She was so helpful getting him to smile and her mom bribed her into posing for us. Such a pretty little thing.

This is one of my top favorites. Tutus, roller skates, and seriousness.

One of Heidi's 4 (yes, I said 4) handsome, talented boys. The creativity runs deep in this family.

Ms. B, the rockstar. Her mom is a fashion designer and this little lady certainly has her own sense of style, with many opinions on what she wanted to wear. I loved her spice. She didn't say one word to me for about 30 minutes--once she did, the cutest little mouse squeak of a voice came out. Could eat her up too.

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  1. utterly beautiful photos, children and of course, nohi kids clothing! congrats janel....on MANY levels! talk soon!