Friday, September 27, 2013

Nohi Kids Retailer Spotlight : Green Genes

As I interview each store for this series, I consistently feel the pride and love for each of their cities. I LOVE working with these independent boutiques!

We just love the ladies over at Green Genes. They always give us compliments on each season that make us blush. Learn more about them and their store below!

What is the name and location and/or website of your store?
Green Genes is located at 5111 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL. 60640
also ;) Instagram: greengeneschi / Pinterest: Green Genes  / Facebook: Green Genes

How long have you been in business?
5.5 years

What do you love most about your city/street/location?
Our neighborhood of Andersonville is often described as "a quaint village in a big city." Clark St is essentially the "Main Street" throughout the neighborhood, with plenty of foot traffic to keep all the merchants busy. The neighborhood prides itself on having independent and locally owned business, and we love that we have a short walk for our job commute! Andersonville has started many eco-minded initiatives, of which Green Genes has been proud to be a part. And finally, the diversity of the neighborhood is by far, one of the best things; all ages, all races, and all kinds of families! We have built a loyal clientele over the years and we've loved watching those first little customers grow into 4 and 5 years olds, while we continue to meet new little ones every day. 

What was it about Nohi Kids that first caught your attention and made you want to carry the line?
The colors and designs are what we noticed first. And when we learned it was made from organic cotton as well, there was no turning back!

What are your favorite styles and/or prints from our Fall 2013 line?
Really, we're supposed to choose?!  We're pretty smitten with the Forest Friends print as well as the color palette; the footie has done really well for us. But the stripes have also been a fantastic new addition for us...there's just something about itty bittys in vibrant stripes :)

What would you like to see from Nohi Kids in future seasons?
Just keep up the great work! We are grateful that you offer an abundance of gender-neutral items for the littles; it seems that so many folks are choosing to wait until the baby arrives to find out. Having a beautiful selection, like Nohi offers, makes it easier on the gift givers ;)

Have you received any customer feedback about Nohi Kids that you'd like to share?
It's always the same; great colors and designs and so scrumptiously soft!

Thanks, Green Genes!

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